Shirley Enrico Foundation

Oncology Support 501c3

Our vision

Cancer does not discriminate, everyone affected by cancer gets the additional support they need.

Our mission

Transforming the lives of those on the journey affected by cancer in our community through alternative innovated healing services from groundbreaking research to help improve the quality of life as we continue to find a cure.

Our values; Empowering

We recognize the strength in the people we work with and support their desire to have control over their unique journey. We talk to our service users and supporters about their journey, seeking to understand and be part of their accomplishments. Their success, their victories become ours.


Cancer can take away a person’s individuality, their image, their happiness, their being.We focus on what we can do for them to regain their strength and let their true radiance show. In a strong positive mind, everything is possible.

The Promise

Shirley Enrico was a military wife and mother of two. She was use to surviving on her own terms throughout the military lifestyle raising children and keeping everyone safe and cared for at home. It was with her strength that she fought her eight year cancer journey that started with breast cancer, then diagnosed with colon cancer and lost her battle with bladder cancer.

She was very quiet and reserved with her fight and the toll it took on her. Her youngest daughter Rebecca an Oncology Certified Massage Therapist and Skin Care therapist tried to provide a healing loving touch, however, her mother asked that she instead take her skills and use them to help other families that might need them during their journey. It was with that promise that Rebecca with the support of her father and sister opened the Shirley Enrico Foundation for Oncology Support. To bring together the promise to her mother, her skills with oncology certified therapeutic touch and the growing needs of families during the journey.

What We Do; Our family helping your family through its toughest times

Shirley Enrico Foundation for Oncology Support is the charity that supports women, men, family, and caregivers through their cancer journey. When cancer tries to rob a person of their individuality, spirit, confidence and test their strength and willpower, we provide the tailored package of emotional, physical and practical support that helps hold them together.

We support the patient and families via a network of Oncology Certified Therapist.

We’re here to provide you the cancer warrior and your support system with the support that treatment alone can’t.